Children’s Wholesale Shoes Australia

Our Story


Garvalin Shoes has been working for 5 decades to create “The best quality leather footwear for your children”. At Garvalin Shoe Manufacturers Australia our children’s shoe designs have one goal in mind: to encourage children to be children. We manufacture quality, comfortable leather shoes adapted to each stage of the childs development.

Garvalin children’s shoes have a history spanning over 50 years of designing and producing over 1.8 million pairs of shoes per year.

The Garvalin factory is located in Elche, Spain, where high quality shoemaking is a firmly rooted tradition and the group of brands encompasses three distinct labels: Garvalin, Biomecanics and Agatha Ruiz dela Prada.

Each collection blends tradition with development, as well as imagination with style, while the quality of the materials is vital in encouraging comfort and the healthy development of young feet.

The Biomecanics brand was launched in 1996 when a research project by Garvalin was undertaken in conjunction with The Institute for Biomecanics of Valencia. Through exhaustive studies a new range of highly comfortable shoes was developed. Materials, construction and form come together to create an ergonomic shoe. The extensive range of school shoes for all ages has been designed to withstand the roughest of tests.

In 2001, Garvalin embarked on a relationship with the Spanish designer, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. The designs that emerged from this partnership primarily combined fantasy and good craftsmanship. An Agatha Ruiz de la Prada shoe is highly distinctive and always colourful.

Garvalin Shoes is the proud shoes supplier of children’s Australian footwear. We pride oursleves on offering top quality kids shoe styles made from genuine leather. If you are interested in working with us please contact our Wholesale Deparment. We are one of the oldest footwear manufacturers in Australia.

We ship our school shoes to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and elsewhere in the country. We ship all other kids shoes to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and elsewhere in the country too.

The Garvalin label is crafted with precision and tailormade materials that ensure quality and long life. We know how long children stay in the same shoes and we plan accordingly. We do everything we can to ensure your children remain comfortable, safe and steady when they’re being active or quiet.

Check out our complete range of shoes by visiting our shop. If you have any questions about shoe sizes Australia or placing an order, don’t hesitate, reach out, grab the phone and get in contact with us today. We’ll happily provide a quote and collect the information we need to process your order rapidly, professionally and with great customer service.

If you need a shoe size conversion chart, please see our size guide for all AU UK men’s shoe size scale. Please note, Australian shoe sizes in the guide are based on average foot length of children. Our Australian fashion is based on footwear manufactured in Spain. We hold ourselves closely to international quality and ethical standards.