Back To School Shoe Sale On Now


From the team at Garvalin, we hope that all of our happy customers had a very merry Christmas and happy New Year. We are eagerly anticipating the return to school and must assure you we have stock available for all school children aged 6-12. It’s a busy time of year for parents and the back to school sales have started. To make your back to school shopping experience easier, we’re offering a back to school shoe sale from now until the end of term one.

Our new stock has arrived from Spain. You may be delighted to hear that this year’s school shoes have been crafted with the same high quality materials and attention to detail we have built our brand on the past 50 years. Our 2021 back to school line will ensure your child remains comfortable, safe and steady when they’re back in the school yard. We’re offering 20% off our 2021 line using the discount code: XXXXXX. Our new designs have been crafted with passion and will ensure your child remains stylish all throughout the school term.

Due to the unpredictable circumstances of 2020, staff at Garvalin Australia have had to adapt to new market conditions. We have been supplying school shoes with the same enthusiasm our brand is built on, yet the materialization of home learning during the COVID pandemic means we currently have an excess of 2020 stock. This stock is being sold at a discounted rate already and this back to school season we’re happy to offer another 10% off using the discount code: XXXXXX.

Garvalin Shoes is a proud Biomecanics school shoes distributor in Australia. We pride ourselves on offering top quality kids shoe styles made from genuine leather. The Garvalin label is crafted with precision and tailormade materials that ensure quality and long life. Being one of the oldest footwear manufacturers in Australia, we know how long children stay in the same shoes and we plan accordingly.

Garvalin trusts you have a fruitful and productive year ahead of you and look forward to receiving your orders at our online store. Our easy to read guide will be able to help you measure your child’s feet and provide you with information about how often to buy your kids shoes. Please call us on +61 418 237 131 with any questions about our back to school shoe sale or to place a wholesale order.