Best Tips For Choosing Children’s Shoes


Children’s feet change shape so rapidly it’s sometimes hard to keep up with their shoe requirements. It’s crucial you do, however, as children will thrive most wearing comfortable, flexible and lightweight shoes.

When shoes don’t fit properly, they can cause blisters, ingrown nails and cramped child toes, so it’s best to avoid this by going shoe shopping regularly. Similarly, shoes that are too big aren’t comfortable to wear and can lead to posture problems, so be wary of buying too far ahead.

Shoes should be chosen for occasion, be it school, sport or the beach. Wearing the appropriate style ensures your child fits in and that they’re equipped to perform as needed at the occasion.

The right shoes can have a great impact on the development of your child. For example, they can assist in balancing a child as they take their first steps. Wearing the right shoes will help your child to develop their posture. As your kids continue to develop motor skills and mobilise, good shoes are very important. Here’s what you should look for when choosing shoes for your 1-2 year old:

  • Strong arch support on the sole of the shoe to avoid flat feet
  • A comfortable fit to permit foot development
  • Breathable material so feet can grow
  • Flexible soles
  • Safe fastenings

With good support, a comfortable fit, lightweight, breezy material, flexibility and safety, shoes for your one year old kids’ feet will undoubtedly encourage them to make better use of them.

Once your toddler has mastered the science of walking, there will be no stopping him or her. You can be sure your child will love journeying all over the immediate surroundings no matter where you are. Motor skills are still developing from ages two to five. It’s best to make sure shoes for your child are able to support balance, provide traction and withstand environmental hazards. Check and see that shoes are:

  • Waterproof and durable
  • Flexible in the soles
  • Breathable
  • Sold with secure fastenings

Toddler’s shoes should have enough space to support little feet as they shift and wriggle during exercise periods. They should adapt to movement and not get too hot and stuffy inside. They should also remain fastened to feet at all times, regardless of how much vigour is invested in kicking them off.

School children aged six and up will need several pairs of shoes. Kids of this age move between the playground, classroom and extracurricular activities, and need shoes for each of these. Kids shoes at this age need to be extremely comfortable and durable. They need to fulfil the requirements laid out in the last two lists. They might even need multiple pairs of shoes to fulfil different functions. Depending on your routine, you may need to invest in school shoes, sneakers and sandals at any one time.

Without good shoes, we risk our good posture. Shoes that fit comfortably, offer support and are flexible should be considered the best option when you’re deciding what pair to buy.

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