Are Children’s Orthotics Really Necessary?.

It’s pretty common to hear children boasting, ‘I need orthotics for my shoes’. The same goes for adults in a lot of cases. However, the science of children’s orthotics often isn’t as precise as it’s made out to be by shoe manufacturers. Children’s orthotics…


Monitoring Toxic Chemicals in Shoe Manufacturing.

Chromium VI, dimethyl fumarate, nickel and phthalates are just some of the hazardous substances and chemicals that might be significantly present in footwear. Because of the hazards and potential harm especially to young children with rapidly developing brains and bodies, the presence of those…


Toxic Chemical Found In School Shoes.

School shoes and sports shoes sold by several major retailers and online school shoes suppliers have been identified as containing a toxic chemical Dimethyl fumarate. Dimethyl fumarate can cause rashes, respiratory problems and burns. The toxic chemical was originally found present in sofas imported…


Understanding the Feet’s Structure and Function.

Understanding the structure, function, evolution and development of human feet can help us prevent problems related to our feet as well as better design footwear for better safety, comfort and motion performance. This is especially the case with the children’s rapidly developing feet, where…


Back To School Shoe Sale On Now.

From the team at Garvalin, we hope that all of our happy customers had a very merry Christmas and happy New Year. We are eagerly anticipating the return to school and must assure you we have stock available for all school children aged 6-12….


What Materials are Used to Make Shoes?.

As a parent or an everyday customer, we get curious sometimes about the common things we see and use. In this article, let’s talk about shoes and what they are made of. Perhaps this can give you a better idea and appreciation of shoes…


How To Pick The Right School Shoes For Your Children.

The back to school season is almost upon us and many parents will be wondering when to buy back to school shoes for their children. Indeed, a lot of parents may consider if their child actually needs new shoes. When the decision has been…


How Do I Choose School Shoes For My Child?.

Whether it’s back to school or just anytime of the year, the perfect pair of school shoes helps children to feel comfortable and become more playful. In contrast, a poor quality pair of shoes can cause discomfort and even affect the development of their…