Why Are There So Many Kinds of Footwear?.

Back then footwear is for protecting the human’s feet from potentially harmful surfaces (rough terrain, pointed objects, extremely hot and cold floors). Now it has gone beyond protection such as for enhancing sports performance as well as in showing style and complementing the person’s…


Teaching Kids How To Tie Up Shoes.

Teaching Kids How To Tie Up Shoes While there are alternatives to lace up shoes available on the market, learning to tie up shoelaces is an important part of any child’s growth and development. Children under the age of five generally do not have…


How to Make Your Toddler Look Stylish.

Comfort is the key and priority. If your child feels comfortable, it becomes easier for him/her to smile and be naturally happy. The results are better-looking photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. Make your toddler look stylish When it comes to style…


How To Buy Shoes Online: Best Practice From Garvalin.

While it’s correct that shoe shopping can be lots of fun, it’s possible that you want to do it from the comfort of your own home. Buying shoes online is very convenient. The availability of shoes online is far greater than that in-store too….


Does It Really Matter to Choose the Right Children’s Shoes?.

When we look at babies and young children we don’t pay much attention to their footwear. First thing we notice is their adorable eyes, face, ears, nose, mouth and head. It’s rare that we first notice what they wear in their feet. Truth is,…


How Fast Do Children’s Feet Grow?.

In the early months children’s feet grow fast and after some time it slows down. As a result, you might buy a pair of shoes every now and then to catch up even when your child is age three to five. All those shoes…


How to Safely Buy Children’s Shoes Online.

Shopping online helps you save time and even exposes you to smart choices (and also minimises your exposure to threats outside). It’s especially true when you’re looking for something for your child. When it comes to children’s shoes, browsing online and finally clicking the…


How Can I Strengthen My Baby’s Legs for Walking?.

It’s always a huge physical milestone whenever a baby learns to stand and walk. However, most mums fear that because of potential slips and falls. To address those possible problems, mums do baby proofing of the home and removal of all potentially hazardous objects…