Caring for My Child’s Feet: Here’s What You Need to Know


Your child’s feet are still rapidly developing. Also, his/her bones are still soft, growing and vulnerable. As a parent, what should you do then to make sure your child’s feet will develop normally and prevent problems in his/her later years?

Here’s what you need to know

First, it’s normal for children under two years old to have flat feet. Around two years old the shape of your child’s feet become more noticeable. This change and development happens normally especially if you let your child go barefoot as much as possible. After all, your child’s fingers and feet overall need to grasp something so they can develop as they were intended.

For example, if your child goes barefoot whenever indoors, he or she has opportunities to fully use his/her muscles and bones. Although the walking is awkward and often causes you worry, it’s a part of children’s normal development. Trust that your child’s brain and body will make sense of it all and become more stable in his/her walking.

Aside from letting your child go barefoot, also make sure that his/her sleep suits and bedding (as well as the socks should be of the right size) have plenty of space for his/her feet and toes to move around. Keep in mind that your child will spend several hours sleeping or on the bed. That’s a huge opportunity for your child’s feet and overall body to develop. It’s great to give him/her plenty of room for normal physical development.

When it’s time for outdoors though, your child’s feet should be protected from the rough surfaces and terrain outside. Many parents also make sure that their children are already confident walking indoors before letting them walk and explore outside. And when it comes to choosing footwear, parents are always careful.

It’s highly recommended to buy the right size (with plenty of room in the toe area) so that your child will feel comfortable and there’s also enough space for normal growth and development. Also, when’s the last time you measured your child’s feet? Remember that your child’s feet are still rapidly developing so it’s advisable to get his/her feet measured maybe every six to eight weeks.

It’s also crucial to make sure the shoes are of high quality so that your child will feel comfortable. Although your child might only wear the shoes for a few months or for a few occasions, it’s still best to ensure his/her comfort and safety. This way your child will better enjoy walking outdoors while you also help ensure his/her feet’s normal growth and development.