How Do I Buy Children’s Shoes Online


Mums are busy and perhaps they don’t have the time to go to the stores and shopping centres to buy the perfect pair of shoes for their children. Also, it’s just more convenient to shop online because you can quickly browse the available products and make a purchase fast.

However, you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. After all, you can’t touch the item and you can’t fit the shoes to your child’s feet. And because you can’t touch the shoes, it’s hard to know whether they’re really made of good material and they feel good and comfortable. Here, let’s talk about those concerns and help you make the right choice.

About shoe size

This is the first concern. After all, measurements are in UK, US, centimetres and other units and standards. It can be confusing especially if this is your first time shopping online for children’s shoes. Good thing is that there’s a guide you can download here so you can know the ideal size your child should fit. It’s important to print the guide as it is (don’t reduce the size). In the guide, it’s indicated that a credit card should fit inside the dashed line. If you correctly followed the guide, the shoes will surely fit and the extra centimetre of allowance (as mentioned in the guide) will guarantee comfort to your child’s feet.

Which shoes to buy and what about shipping?

Boots and sandals are the most common. You can see some great options here and quickly imagine if one of those pairs is perfect for your child. This quick browsing can help you make a decision today instead of visiting a physical store.

It’s important to buy from a reputable online store. You can do this by choosing businesses with a long established history and as much as possible with a physical presence (they have a physical store somewhere and ideally their own manufacturing facility). For example, here at Garvalin Australia our true origins can be traced back more than 50 years ago. We also have our own factory where shoes are designed and built specifically for children.

Aside from the store’s reputation, it’s also good to review their policies especially when it comes to shipping information. For example, shipping costs might vary depending on the product you purchased (both quantity and which pairs of shoes), your location and where the product is coming from. It’s good to be clear about those rates and other factors to ensure you know what you’re paying for.

Buying shoes online is easy and convenient. You can also make smart decisions if you get the shoe size right and if you choose a reputable store. Then, your child will be delighted of what you bought and he/she will wear the shoes every day or on the next occasion.