How Do I Choose School Shoes For My Child?


Whether it’s back to school or just anytime of the year, the perfect pair of school shoes helps children to feel comfortable and become more playful. In contrast, a poor quality pair of shoes can cause discomfort and even affect the development of their rapidly growing feet and bodies.

How do I choose school shoes for my child

First, note that the children’s feet are still immature and rapidly developing. The bones in there are not yet fused together and their feet still lack muscle strength which make them vulnerable to injuries and hypermobility. As a result, it’s important that their shoes are supportive and protective. It’s best that the shoes were actually designed for the children’s rapidly changing anatomy.

Second, having the right size is important. This is a direct consequence of the children’s rapidly developing feet. If the shoes are too small and have no room for the children’s toes to move, it can cause pain and discomfort (and also misdirect the growth and development of their feet). On the other hand, if the shoes are too big these can make their movement wobbly and clumsy (and even cause falls and slips). To choose the right size, it’s good to measure both of your child’s feet, make sure there’s more than enough space for your child’s longest toe and that he/she will immediately feel comfortable with the shoes once he or she tries it on.

Third, the school shoes should be durable, comfortable and flexible. Flexibility is important to support your child’s movement. Comfort is also a must because your child will be wearing the shoes for a few or several hours. Durability is also important because the shoes should maintain their integrity for safety reasons.

Finally, you should also do a size check of your child’s feet and shoes every few months. The shoes might now be too small for your child and these now cause discomfort and pain to his/her feet (also, this is bad for the development of his/her feet). This regular size check will help ensure that your child is not enduring any kind of pain and discomfort whenever he/she wears the shoes.

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