How Fast Do Children’s Feet Grow?


In the early months children’s feet grow fast and after some time it slows down. As a result, you might buy a pair of shoes every now and then to catch up even when your child is age three to five. All those shoes can quickly add up in months and years especially if you love variety for your child’s shoes and outfit.

How fast do children’s feet grow?

For children three to five years old they might need a bigger pair of shoes around every three or four months. That’s because their feet can grow half a size every few months and we want to make sure that the shoes are not too tight (or else it might affect the growth and development of their feet). Whether it’s a shoe or a sandal, the right fit is important not just for their development but also for their overall health, comfort and safety.

In the earlier months (0 to 15 months) the growth is faster because instead of three or four months, a half size change actually happens every two months. Around 16 months and beyond the growth slows down. The growth is a lot faster in the early months because we’re starting from much smaller feet. Because of this rapid growth, you might need to buy a new pair even before you get the chance to have your child wear them. It’s practical to plan ahead and perhaps buy a new pair if there’s a special event coming up (e.g. birthdays, photo shoot, beach).

With all those shoes you’ll buy for your child, it’s likely that he or she will wear each pair just once or a few times. After all, your child should wear shoes just occasionally and going barefoot should be as often as possible. But even in those occasions the shoes should be of high quality and specifically designed for children’s rapidly growing and developing feet.

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