How to Choose the Right Shoes for My Child


Picking the right shoes for children is a bit different for us adults. After all, we have to prioritise safety because our kids are playful and their walking and running could still be awkward.

Here let’s discuss a few important things to ensure you choose the right shoes for your child. This way your child will remain safe and comfortable (hence become more active and playful). Let’s start.

Your child’s feet are still developing

First, we have to keep in mind that the children’s feet are still rapidly developing and growing. The growth and development is in three dimensions which can be affected by the shoes they wear. In addition, the shoes they wear might reinforce improper walking and running posture and movements as well as having flat feet.

As a result, it’s important to choose proper footwear that stabilises the heels and offers flexibility in the soles (providing both support and freedom of movement). It’s also important that the shoes provide a snug fit so that it will be similar to wearing nothing. Keep in mind that the purpose of footwear for your child is to protect him/her from dangerous surfaces. It should not get in the way of proper walking or running.

Comfort and strong material

There will be times when your child needs to wear the shoes for a few hours (especially during gatherings or when outdoors). It’s important then that he/she feels comfortable during those hours and even after wearing the shoes for an entire day.

Aside from snug fit, comfort is also related to sweat, moisture and air circulation. Because of our children’s high energy and activity levels (plus the humid weather in many parts of Australia), their feet can sweat three times as much compared to us adults. As a result, sweat and moisture can promote bacterial growth which might then lead to smelly feet or even mild infections. To discourage bacterial growth and sweat build-up, it’s important that the shoe material allows free air circulation and at the same time provide enough protection for your child’s feet.

Specialising in children’s footwear

The children’s feet are different from ours and as a consequence, they have a different set of requirements when it comes to footwear. The approach in designing and making children’s footwear should be scientific and according to the results of extensive testing and research.

Here at Garvalin we already have a history of more than 50 years in making quality, comfortable shoes adapted to each stage of the child’s development. Our shoes are scientifically designed and the materials are carefully chosen which encourage the healthy development of young feet. Right now you can browse our current Specials and other shoes that are perfect for your young son or daughter.