How To Pick The Right School Shoes For Your Children


The back to school season is almost upon us and many parents will be wondering when to buy back to school shoes for their children. Indeed, a lot of parents may consider if their child actually needs new shoes.

When the decision has been made to purchase a new pair of school shoes, there are several questions that come up immediately: do I buy Velcro, buckles or laces? Should I buy discounted shoes because they’ll be outgrown soon anyway? What colour shoes do I buy? And, of course, what size shoe is my child again?

Considering these questions can take some time. The following guide is to assist you when you are choosing school shoes for your children.

There are a huge variety of sales promotions that are held during the back to school season. It’s important to make the right choice of school shoes in the face of widespread discounts for the wellbeing of your child.

Physical Considerations

Children’s feet are still growing and the bones in their feet won’t fuse until they reach puberty in their teen years. Children’s feet are in a soft, malleable state before puberty commences. It’s therefore important to buy them rigid, strong shoes with plenty of support for the heel and arch of the foot.

Getting the right fit is also crucial because children spend so much time in their school shoes – most commonly 7-10 hours per day. Blisters can erupt if the shoe isn’t a good fit around the ankle and heel. Children can also suffer from twisted ankles when running, jumping and playing – if their shoe is not the right fit.

Product Varieties: Types of Shoes

Most podiatrists advise against the regular use of canvas shoes or other casual wear because they don’t provide the proper support needed by growing feet. Indeed, children’s feet can grow improperly without the proper support along the arch of the foot and in the heel. This can lead to disorders. Blisters, calluses and ingrown toenails can all result from wearing shoes that aren’t properly balanced and that are designed for style, not function.

Although choosing functional school shoes is important, it’s also important to give children some choice when it comes to choosing shoes. The decision ultimately affects them the most because they are wearing the shoes. Give them several varieties of shoe you have deemed appropriate and let them choose the one they want to wear most to school. Buying sports shoes should be done the same way – give your children some choices and let them make the final decision.

Get Feet Measured

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing school shoes is getting your children’s feet measured before purchasing a pair of shoes. Length and width both need to be considered properly before a pair of shoes is purchased. Make sure both feet are measured because one foot can be larger than the other which can lead to painful circumstances for the wearer – if a comfortable pair of shoes isn’t chosen.

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