Teaching Kids How To Tie Up Shoes


Teaching Kids How To Tie Up Shoes

While there are alternatives to lace up shoes available on the market, learning to tie up shoelaces is an important part of any child’s growth and development. Children under the age of five generally do not have the motor skills required to tie their shoes, however once they are over the age of five, kids possess the dexterity needed to handle fine laces and keep their school shoes on tight.

Teaching children to tie shoes should be done using shoes that have soft, medium length laces. If shoelaces are too firm or too short, children can easily become frustrated and give up. It can help to colour one of the laces a different colour, so that your child can differentiate between the two and learn at a faster pace.

Sit side by side with your child so that you share the same perspective and instruct your child to mimic your actions. Hold an untied shoe between your thighs or knees. The shoe must face away from you in order to mimic the position a shoe would be in on the foot before the laces are tied.

Instruct your child to hold on to one end of each shoestring in each of their hands. Then, walk them through the process of tying their laces while completing the same actions yourself.

The Bunny Ears Method

The bunny ears method is probably the easiest way for children to learn to tie their shoes. The method uses two loops (“bunny ears”) that are crossed over each another and tied to keep your children’s shoes on tightly.

Cross the laces so that they form an “X” shape. Wrap the bottom lace of the X over and through the top lace of the “X”. Pull the two shoelaces tight to form the starting knot – the foundation of the shoelace bow.

Following this, fold each end of the laces into a single loop. Hold each lace with your thumb and forefinger. Then, cross one loop over the other to form another “X” shape.

Loop the bottom loop over and through the top loop in a similar fashion to that which was used to form the foundation of the shoelace bow. This will create a second knot.

Grab the pair of lace loops and pull tight – away from the centre of the shoe to either side. This will create a looped shoelace knot that will hold firm and won’t come undone.

Voila – you are done! The shoelace bow is complete, the loops tight and your children’s feet will stay safe from harm with a shoe that fits well and that doesn’t come loose.

It will probably take a couple of weeks for your child to memorise the process entirely. Once they have done so, their confidence and independence will increase. You will also find yourself with additional free time before school that you can use to perform the tasks that need doing the most.

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