Top Tips For Kids’ Shoe Shopping


If you have children, you’re assuredly aware of the difficulties that arise when shoe shopping for kids. Time is probably the least available ingredient that impacts the overall shopping experience. Children’s preference plays some impact on how quickly and painlessly you will be able to go home after visiting the shopping centre. Finally, the factors of price and selection on the part of shoe suppliers play a role in determining how quickly parents can shop and get back home. 

The following guide has been compiled with the intention of making shoe shopping a pain free experience. We discuss the timing of any shoe shopping journey, choosing the right fit of shoes and how to look after them properly following purchase.

When To Buy Children’s Shoes?

Unless your child complains that they are uncomfortable, it’s probably best to buy your child shoes every 12 months. Check your child’s shoes regularly to make sure they’re still a firm fit.

Look for stress on the material and fraying seams. If the sides are protruding or wearing away faster than the rest of the shoes, they may not be broad enough. Toes that touch the end of the shoe are a warning sign that new shoes are needed, as is a heel or sole that has worn through to the sock.

Since feet swell over the course of the day, it’s best practice to go shopping in the afternoon. At this time, feet will have the room to relax to their regular measurements. Keeping in mind that children need new shoes once every year, it is best practice to not spend a fortune on shoes that will quickly be outgrown.

How To Make Sure Children’s Shoes Fit

Assuredly have your children’s feet measured when they sit down to try on new shoes. In actual reality, have your child stand up before measuring their feet so that their toes fully extend and fill the whole shoe. Ensure that children walk around in their shoes before buying them. This is because shoes that may feel comfortable while sitting down can also rub and tear at the feet during motion.

It may be tempting to try and buy shoes a few sizes too large to get a longer life out of them. These can cause children to trip up over themselves. They may also cause developmental problems. All things considered, you want the heel of the shoe to rest snugly, but not tightly, around the child’s heel.

Caring For Shoes Post-Purchase

After you have purchased shoes for your children, it’s just as important to look after them properly as it is to choose the right pair. With the proper care and attention, shoes will enjoy a long life and won’t need replacing before their life expires. 

Have your children apply shoe polish regularly to ensure shoes retain their shine and to apply a protective agent over the leather. Be sure to remove shoes first when entering the home after school. If your children are only wearing shoes during school hours, they won’t wear through them as quickly.

Contact Garvalin Or Visit In-Store!

Once you’ve found shoes that fit and are appropriately designed for your child’s feet, allow your children some input as to which shoes they prefer. It’s bound to make for a more pleasant shopping experience if they get to choose a colour or design they like from shoes that fit well and are appropriate for growing feet.

Be sure to choose shoes that are appropriate for the occasion they’re worn for too. In other words, school shoes should be worn at school, sports shoes while playing sport and runners or loafers during recreational hours.

For all children’s school shoes, call Garvalin Australia on 0418 237 131. Alternatively, you can visit our shop in Eastgardens Monday to Sunday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM. We have been in the business over 50 years and bring a wealth of experience and comfort to the children’s shoe industry.