Toxic Chemical Found In School Shoes


School shoes and sports shoes sold by several major retailers and online school shoes suppliers have been identified as containing a toxic chemical Dimethyl fumarate. Dimethyl fumarate can cause rashes, respiratory problems and burns. The toxic chemical was originally found present in sofas imported from China into Europe and has more recently been found in trace amounts in over 25% of Australian school shoes tested as part of a sample.

Results materialized following a two-year investigation that detailed the presence of dimethyl fumarate in school and sports shoes. The original report detailed that numerous pairs of school shoes contained harmful chemicals banned overseas.

DMF is used as an anti-mould agent in leather goods such as shoes, handbags, clothing and furniture. There is currently no regulation present which prevents the import of DMF in sachets contained in school shoes and other retail products, despite warnings from other countries that have identified the risks of coming into contact with DMF. Serious burns, dermatitis, respiratory problems have manifested when people have come into contact with couches containing the chemical.

A spokesman for the Competition and Consumer Commission said it had not received reports of an injury trend or pattern consistent with DMF exposure for textile, clothing or footwear products. ”However, given overseas action, the ACCC approached the textile council to work collaboratively on a proactive testing program in this area,” he said.

Thousands of sofas were recalled across Europe when the chemical DMF was found in trace amounts in the furniture. Import of products containing DMF were banned across Europe by The European Commission, but Australian regulation has yet to catch up with the ban, it seems.

Investigation is ongoing into the import of products containing DMF into Australia. At present, the preliminary investigation has decided not to name any brands or products that may be importing goods containing this toxic chemical. Neither is any regulatory body monitoring chemical levels in imported products.

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