What Materials are Used to Make Shoes?


As a parent or an everyday customer, we get curious sometimes about the common things we see and use. In this article, let’s talk about shoes and what they are made of. Perhaps this can give you a better idea and appreciation of shoes and how they help shape the everyday lifestyle and comfort of both children and adults.

What materials are used to make shoes?

The purpose of wearing shoes has been about protecting our feet from hazardous surfaces (sharp objects, rough terrain and other harsh surface conditions). As a result, the shoe material should be strong enough and long lasting. This way we can use the footwear every day without worrying about damage and integrity.

During prehistoric and ancient times, the strength and longevity of footwear are important because people were always outside walking and hunting and gathering food. Also, there were no smooth concrete, carpet, wood and asphalt surfaces to walk on. Almost every day they had to walk on rough terrain and surfaces with sharp stones, insects, pointy plants and branches and other hazards.

Today people still walk a lot outside. The difference is that aside from protection, we also wear our shoes to enhance our style, better reflect our personalities or better dress up for the setting and occasion. This applies to both adults (for our workplace, special occasions and ordinary days) and children (for photo shoots, birthday celebrations or just a comfortable walk outside). In line with that and to achieve optimal protection, variety and flexibility, the shoes should be made of strong and versatile materials. Leather, rubber and plastic materials are common (especially the soles where they can be made of polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride material). With these materials a wide variety of designs can be made while providing excellent protection and reasonable longevity.

Aside from the material’s strength and longevity, the shoe material should also ensure comfort especially for the children’s rapidly growing feet. This is important in aiding proper physical development as well as for the enjoyment of the children (they will look happier and more pleasant in front of the camera). This comfort can be achieved by optimal design as a result of decades of testing and research.

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