When Should I Start Putting Shoes On My Baby?


If your baby is just starting to walk, it’s still best to let him/her go barefoot most of the time. During the babies’ early years and months their feet are still rapidly growing and developing. Their feet need enough room to grow and their development is aided by their movement.

When should I start putting shoes on my baby

Between eight and eighteen months of age most babies are starting to walk. This is the period when their feet and legs are adequately developed (e.g. with enough strength to support their weight). However, their feet are still mostly flat because the bones and ligaments are still underdeveloped. You might have also noticed that their feet always tend to turn inwards.

But as their feet strengthen, that flat-footedness slowly disappears. It’s the natural course of things for most children (if you notice something unusual or you’re concerned, ask your podiatrist or doctor right away). Through the next weeks and months their feet develop and build up more strength.

In this period it’s crucial to let your baby go barefoot especially if it’s just inside your home. You should make sure though that all surfaces are safe. This way, you can always encourage your baby to walk around and practice. Why is going barefoot important when your baby is just starting to walk? The feeling and sensory information are actually essential to his/her proper development (both his/her brain and body). That real-time and constant feedback from the ground actually aids babies into moving and developing properly.

When your child is already busy and confident walking (this means his/her legs are strong now and properly developed), it’s time for his/her first pair of shoes. The shoes should have plenty of room for the toes and comfortable in width and length. The straps, fasteners or laces should be secure enough to prevent slips and other accidents (suddenly the shoes might get removed while walking and this may result in an awkward movement or fall).

If you make sure the surfaces are safe and that the shoes are comfortable and secure, you can better focus on how your child walks around. You’ll feel delighted about his/her proper development and you’ll be amazed how time flies fast. One day you’re just carrying him/her in your womb and then he/she is now busy walking and exploring the world.