Why Are There So Many Kinds of Footwear?


Back then footwear is for protecting the human’s feet from potentially harmful surfaces (rough terrain, pointed objects, extremely hot and cold floors). Now it has gone beyond protection such as for enhancing sports performance as well as in showing style and complementing the person’s upper outfit.

Why are there so many kinds of footwear

To show individual style, there should be lots of variants of footwear to choose from. The diversity in our built, skin tone, general appearance, upper outfit and preference gave rise to diversity in shoes and other footwear as well. This level of variety is great for a personalised selection. However, this level of variety also makes it hard to choose.

To make a smart choice, whether it’s for children or adults, it’s important to start with the function and purpose first. This way, the shoes will be truly fit for the end user and that it won’t cause any harm. For example, children’s shoes are not just small versions of adult shoes. Children’s shoes are designed differently because their feet are still rapidly growing and developing. Also, there’s the concern for safety. Toddlers still walk in an awkward way and they often wobble while walking. Their footwear should provide them with a good level of grip to prevent accidents.

In other words, it’s not just about style but also about safety. Thankfully, there are many variants of children’s footwear that fit that description. For example, here at Garvalin Australia the pairs of footwear available here are of high quality and ultra comfortable for children. We have here products that are specifically adapted for the child’s each stage of development. As a result, the shoes are literally of the perfect fit to optimise safety and comfort (browse our selection here).

As mentioned earlier, the huge variety of footwear has resulted from the variety of styles, appearances and preferences. We would like to add that it’s also the result of our specific requirements and making sure that the shoes are safe, high quality and highly comfortable for the user. It’s especially the case for children where their movements are still awkward and their feet undergo rapid development. If the footwear is perfectly suited for the users especially for children, the ultimate result is that it will look beautiful and feel comfortable.