Why Do Kids Need Shoes?


There’s been talk about why going barefoot as often as possible is best for children. That’s because the children’s feet are still developing rapidly and they need the real feel of the ground for their sensory and muscular development. This “keeping their feet on the ground” is crucial as well to their growth as they develop their sense of space and how they move around.

Why do kids need shoes?

However, we want our children’s feet to be protected from dirt, heat, cold and sharp and pointy objects. They can tirelessly walk and run around and we just don’t have the energy to keep up and watch them over the whole day. For our children’s safety, a good pair of children’s shoes will give us peace of mind.

In addition, we also want our kids to look and feel good outdoors and during special occasions. For example, your child’s birthday is fast approaching and you want him/her to look at his/her best. Aside from the clothes, surely you will pay attention to your child’s footwear. You want your child to look good and feel comfortable as well. This way, the entire celebration he/she is always smiling and will look good during photo shoots.

Comfort is also important because your child will be wearing the shoes for several hours. Going barefoot is a huge no because this is a celebration. Good thing is there are comfortable shoes available that promote air circulation and prevent bacteria and odour build-up. Even if it’s a long day, your child will remain comfortable and you have peace of mind that his/her feet are safe.

How do you make sure that the shoes are comfortable to your child? There’s no way to directly find out because you can’t try the shoes. One way to find out though is to check the manufacturer’s information. Those with long-standing reputations have survived and thrived because they are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. They have also spent decades researching and designing shoes specifically for children. This is important because the children’s feet are different and still developing. Therefore, they have different needs and the shoes they wear should perfectly suit their feet.

Kids need shoes for protection, comfort and aesthetics (outdoors, special occasions and Instagram photos). Going barefoot (especially inside the home) is good for their physical development but for most other things, a good pair of shoes should always be their companion.