Why Do My Child’s Feet Always Hurt?


Do your child’s feet always hurt especially at night? As mums we’re fast to worry whenever there’s something wrong and whenever our child is in pain. After all, children are still rapidly developing and vulnerable. We want to know the cause and the treatment as quick as possible.

It might be because of the shoes or there’s not enough space for his/her toes and feet when it’s bedtime. Plenty of space is important here because the children’s feet are still rapidly growing and developing. It’s also important for the children’s feet to move around so that their bones and muscles can exercise.

Aside from not enough space for the child’s feet, another possible reason for the pain is an injury. This in turn could have been caused by improper shoes (e.g. the shoes don’t give good support to the tendons). It could also be because of the sudden or awkward movement or several hours walking around (if combined with improper shoes the pain could be extreme after a long day).

To help ease the pain quickly, using some ice and massage can bring some relief. It’s also good to elevate the foot in pain so that there will be less inflammation. In the human body (whether child or adult), inflammation is our natural response to injuries but because of that same inflammation, the nerves would be pushed around or compressed which results in the pain we’re feeling. With some ice, mild massage and elevation, the inflammation and the pain will be somehow reduced.

Those are only temporary measures though. It’s crucial to consult a doctor and specialist to be sure of the root cause. It’s also crucial to have your child wear proper and comfortable footwear whether indoors or outdoors (especially if your child will be wearing the shoes or sandals for more than 30 minutes). This way, your child will be spared from unnecessary pain and he/she will better enjoy walking around and exercising his/her feet.